08/11/2021: Solar cell research with a new focus
The group of professor Ellen Moons at Karlstad University recently recruited two postdocs that will supplement the solar cell research with a new focus.
On one hand, the stabilityof the perovskite material under moisture and light is crucial and is therefore a hot research topic. To protect against moisture and prevent degradation, the perovskite solar cells are sealed and encapsulated. In addition, the internal stability of the perovskite material needs to be improved.
On the other hand, the material’s ability to utilize a wider range of sunlight spectrum is of particular interest. So they are now looking at how to build tandem solar cells, ie two solar cells assembled in layers to thereby have a higher effect.
The original articles can be accessed at (in Swedish): HERE and HERE.
2021: Upscaling wafer size from 200 to 300 mm
A small engineering step for Solmates, a giant leap for thin-film PLD manufacturing.
We are very proud to show our first ever 300 mm wafer coated by Solmates-PLD thin film equipment. A small engineering step for Solmates, but a giant leap forward for thin-film manufacturing. Utilizing the intrinsic local nature of Pulsed Laser Deposition and innovative Solmates ‘bridge tool’ design, the scale-up from 200 to 300 mm was simply a matter of increasing the wafer scanning area, without the need for a larger target.
This milestone was achieved at CEA-Leti and marks a bright future for PLD materials in automated 300 mm wafer device manufacturing.
For more information visit Solmates website: HERE
19/09/2021: Perovskite, the hidden factor of a sustainable revolution
Spanish newspaper ABC reports on the importance of the Perovskites for the development of photovoltaic energy, with contributions from primarily Valencian scientist. As reported, a huge leap in efficiencies is expected in the near future (up to 33%, while only silicon devices have 26%) using tandem architecture comprised of Perovskite and Silicon devices.
The original article can be accessed HERE.
09/2021: Pulsed Laser Deposition of Cs2AgBiBr6 thin films
Through a combination of mechanochemical synthesis, target pressing, and pulsed laser deposition we achieved the stoichiometric and nearly phase pure growth of double perovskite thin films. This breakthrough enables the development of truly low-toxicity perovskite optoelectronics by not only employing lead-free materials but also removing all organic solvents in a fully dry process.
05/2021: New solar cells break old records
The silicon solar cells are today the most frequently used solar cells. The best ones have an efficiency of 26%. During the last ten years, a new type of solar cell has been developed, the perovskite solar cell. Its performance soars at a furious pace, to levels comparable to today’s silicon solar cells. By combining a silicon solar cell with a perovskite solar cell, tandem cells are developed, which will soon exceed the 30% limit.
07/2020: First results
Different metal halide perovskites have succesfully been synthesized by a fully dry mechanochemical approach.

If you want to see how these are turned into homogeneous thin films… stay tuned!

25/06/2020: Kick-off meeting!
Despite COVID-19 restrictions, all partners could meet via zoom and define key actions and a detailed workplan for PERDRY.

Let’s get started!